I’m Pascale. I Help people Build Their Dreams.

Hello, I am Pascale, a Lebanese single Mom, and women’s rights advocate. As a humanitarian for almost 22 years, I used to identify myself as a change-maker, I believe that change comes from the inside, people do change because they are seeking change.

After deep introspection, I reconnected to my childhood dream and relighted my passion for changing people’s lives, one at a time. It is my purpose, to help people make the change they wish for.

After many personal struggles, from a painful divorce to many professional deceptions. The journey was not easy and never will be but after adopting a new mindset by creating a colorful roadmap, I have decided to pursue my dream and become a life and wellness coach.

The Humanitarian sector equipped me with compassion, understanding, and a strong will to chase my goals.

I believe in the power of the mind and the ability to draw the future we seek.

Life is a journey, and we must learn to live it to the fullest.

Because it all starts with a decision: “Dare to dive deeper, to fly higher.”

DARE to DIVE Deeper to FLY Higher!!!

Topics I Can Help You With



What inspires you? What makes you feel energized and capable? What can encourage you to strive for even greater success?



Live vision is an incredibly valuable tool that you can use to help you visualize your goals and aspirations in a meaningful and powerful way.



It is important to have a strategy in life, to move forward. like a blueprint to align with your vision



“It is the most crucial component to move in life.”


Self Improvement

“What aspect of your life do you want to make better, and how do you plan to do it?”


Self Awareness

Self-awareness means understanding yourself better. How much do you understand yourself?



Confidence means feeling sure of yourself and your abilities — How much you are self-confident?



Self-esteem means how we see ourselves. It comes from what we think and feel about ourselves. How much do you esteem yourself?

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