Coach Pascale

Hello, I am Pascale, a Lebanese single Mom, and women’s rights advocate. As a humanitarian for almost 22 years I used to identify myself as a change-maker, I believe that change comes from the inside, people do change because they are seeking it. During the Pandemic and after deep introspection, I reconnected to my childhood dream and relighted my passion for changing people’s lives, one at a time. My purpose is to help people make the change they wish for. After many personal challenges, from a painful divorce to many professional deceptions. The journey was not easy and never will be but after adopting a new mindset by creating a colorful roadmap, I have decided to pursue my dream and become a life and wellness coach. The Humanitarian sector equipped me with compassion, understanding, and a strong will to chase my goals. I believe in the power of the mind and the ability to draw the future we seek. Today I am an Advanced accredited Coach, NLP Practitioner, and an Accredited Professional Trainer Life is a journey, and we must learn to live it to the fullest. Because it all starts with a decision: Dare to dive deeper, to fly higher.

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